“Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina” Anime Reveals 2nd PV and October Premiere

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The TV anime adaptation of Jougi Shiraishi (白石定規) and Azuru’s (あずーる) light novel series “Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina” (魔女の旅々) reveals a new key visual and the 2nd PV. The series is scheduled to premiere in October 2020.

It is also announced that voice actress Yōko Hikasa (日笠陽子) will cast as Sheila. ChouCho performs the ending song, Gray Saga (灰色のサーガ).

2nd PV


Once upon a time, there was a witch named Elaina, who set off on a journey across the world.

Along the way, she would meet all kinds of people, from a country full of witches to a giant in love with his own muscles-but with each meeting, Elaina would become a small part of their story, and her own world would get a little bit bigger.

Staff and Production

Original Works: Jougi Shiraishi (白石定規)【GA Novel/ SB Creative Publication】
Original Character Designs: Azuru (あずーる)
Director: Toshiyuki Kubooka (窪岡 俊之)
Series Composition & Script: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (筆安 一幸)
Character Design: Takeshi Oda (小田 武士)
Concept Design: Kazumasa Uchio (内尾和正)
Animation: C2C

Ending Song: Gray Saga (灰色のサーガ)/ ChouCho

Character and Cast

■ Elaina – CV: Kaede Hondo (本渡 楓)
■ Flan – CV: Kana Hanazawa (花澤 香菜)
■ Saya – CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa (黒沢 ともよ)
■ Sheila- CV: Yōko Hikasa (日笠陽子)

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