Hero Ball Z Review: Get Addicted to Idle Hero Game


For players who are looking for a stress-free idle smartphone game, “Hero Ball Z” may just be the perfect match.

Launched Globally in Early July by Korean-based developer and publisher JOYCITY, the shooter game features full-auto battle system, where you can free your hands while playing the game. You can also obtain battle rewards even if you go offline.


Hero! It’s Time to Stand Up!

The game starts with the appearance of the unidentified extraterrestrial objects around the world bringing the attack of the aliens. It forces the pre-hero protagonist to return and save the world. Check out the opening movie to get a vibe of its world setting.

Collect Cute Anime-Style Heroes

“Hero Ball Z” contains a wide variety of characters from JOYCITY’s another smartphone hit, Game of Dice. Players can collect these adorable anime-style heroes, upgrade them, then use them to fight bosses. You can also expect the normal RPG stuff, including the characters’ element type, their buffs and more.



Simple and Idle Gameplay

The simple gameplay requires you to combine two heroes with the same tier to generate a more powerful hero. Merging tier 10 heroes results in an elite hero, and that’s how you get the anime-style characters.

More importantly, you can simply turn on the auto-mode during battles, and the low-class heroes will automatically combine. The elite heroes that you get are random, with a 1.2% chance to drop to get a SSR hero.



It also means that there is a possibility to obtain a number of identical elite heroes, but they can be used to evolve the characters and power up his/her stats. Evolving characters also diversify the attack pattern of the characters, bringing possibilities to the game.



However, the autoplay function of  is not entirely free. You can either purchase it in store or watch Ads to continue its functioning time.

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Know Before You Go

Type Effectiveness is crucial. A certain type of hero’s attack can be very effective against one type while vulnerable to the other type. Make use of this and decide the team color can largely affect the stats of the characters.



The damage meter definitely helps to better monitor each character’s damage, as well as reconsidering the position of your team members. Resources are rare so don’t forget to use the reset tickets when you obtain high rarity heroes.


Editor’s Comments

It is not bad as an idle game. When you are busy living your life, the auto mode definitely buy you time. If you are a fan of “Game of Dice”, nothing is more merrier to see the familiar bishojo battling against aliens. Thumbs up for the battery-saving idle mode.

However, the ad is getting a little bit annoying when you have to recharge the autoplay function for every 15 minutes. Only monthly subscription can save you the troubles. Low-tier heroes are like power rangers, so don’t expect they have an attractive design.

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