[Qoo News] GCREST’s “Hoshinari Echoes” Goes Offline on September 16! Official Art Book Announced!


GCREST announced that its smartphone RPG “Hoshinari Echoes” (星鳴エコーズ) will end service on 16th September 2020, at 15:00 [JPT]. The game will go offline afterwards, allowing players to continue its fully-voiced main story and student story. But the live 2D motion and event gacha won’t be available.


It’s first official Art Book, attached with “STAR CRY LOUD” theme song CD is set to release on 30th September.



『星鳴エコーズ』PV(Full ver.)『星鳴エコーズ』PV(Full ver.)


Players will play as the teacher of Hoshinari High School, an academy training young “Scepter” to help prevent a mysterious hazard. Players will have to assign students to explore towers and battle against dark creatures. The game has an echo system, which allows the characters to unleash attacks according to their intimacy levels.




The game launched on 27th November 2019 and has been running for 10 months until it shuts down.

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