[Qoo News] New “Free!” Anime Film Confirmed for 2021


Kyoto Animation’s anime series “Free!” confirmed on Saturday (15th August) that the all-new anime film of the franchise will debut in Japan’s theatre in 2021. A teaser visual and video has been revealed for the announcement.


The film was originally slated for release in 2020 alongside the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, where swimming will be a featured event, but has been postponed.


About the Series

“Free!” is an anime series adapting the light novel, “High Speed!”, written by Kōji Ōji. It has three seasons, which started airing in 2013. An animated film, “High Speed! Free! Starting Days”, was released in December 2015. A film trilogy was released in 2017 with the first two films being compilations of both seasons of the anime series titled, “Free! Timeless Medley – the Bond” and “Free! Timeless Medley – the Promise.”

The third film in the trilogy titled, “Free! Take Your Marks,” featured four new vignettes. A compilation film encompassing the third season, titled Free! Road to the World – the Dream, debuted in July 2019.


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