“Otona no Bōguya-san” Anime Gets 2nd Season in January 2021

Mr. Qoo

The TV anime adaptation of Fumi Ayamiya’s “Otona no Bōguya-san” (おとなの防具屋さん) manga is getting a second season in January 2021.

The main cast members are reprising their roles for the second season, which includes Mark Ishii as Kautz, Nao Tōyama as Lilietta, and Takahiro Sakurai as Narden.

Junichi Yamamoto is also returning to direct the 2nd season at IMAGICA Lab. and handle series composition. Other returning staff members include character designer Kosuke Iwanaga, dot designer Kyashii, and sound director Yukio Nagasaki.


About the series

“Otona no Bōguya-san”is originally a four-panel fantasy comedy manga by Fumi Ayamiya. It was first published on September 15, 2017 via a web comic distribution site GANMA! at Comic Smart. A TV anime adaptation was aired on 8th October 2018.

The story focuses at the daily life of Kautz, a new shopkeeper at an armor shop that only sells sexy, revealing armors for female adventurers that equipped with high stats and sold cheap prices, causing the shop’s finance to get worsened that he has to manage it somehow while dealing with his co-worker and customers.

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