“JACKJEANNE” New Trailer Previews Theme Song Written by Sui Ishida

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BROCCOLI and “Tokyo Ghoul” mangaka Sui Ishida’s (石田スイ) otome game project “JACKJEANNE” (ジャックジャンヌ)starts streaming a new trailer that previews the game system and theme song “Jack & Jeanne Of Quartz.” The game is set to release in Japan on Nintendo Switch on 3rd December 2020.

The theme song “Jack & Jeanne Of Quartz” is written by Sui, who also works on the original work and character designs. Musician Akira Kosemura (小瀬村晶) composes the song and all BGM in the game.

The theme song is performed by the game characters: Tachibana Kisa (CV: Yuka Terasaki), Takahina Sarafumi (CV: Kondou Takayuki), Musumi Kai (CV: Kasama Jun), Neji Kokuto (CV: Kishio Daisuke), Shirota Mitsuki (CV: Kajiwara Gakuto), Orimaki Suzu (CV: Uchida Yuma), and Yonaga Soushirou (CV: Satou Gen).


Limited Edition Bonus

The limited edition, priced at JPY 12,300, comes with a special package, visual art book, original drama CD, vocal collection (game size ver.) and novel: Another.


The game follows Tachibana Kisa (立花希佐), a girl attending prestigious male-only academy “Universe Drama School” where the students play both male and female parts, referred to as “Jacks” and “Jeannes” respectively. There, she must conceal her secret while fighting her way to the top – in other words, the lead role in the last play of the year.

The game will be divided into two parts: Daily School Life and Performance. Players will have to nurture the protagonist (do training) in daily life so that she has enough skills to perform successfully on stage.

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