[Qoo News] “SEVEN’s CODE” Rhythm Game Goes Offline After Planned 1 Year


Unlimited Studio and applibot’s rhythm game “SEVEN’s CODE” today (21st October) ends services after a system update. The game follows its original plan to go offline after 1 year of operation.


Players can continue to play the game and enjoy its fully-voiced story, but new contents will not be updated in the future. 5 news songs have been added at this final update, while certain songs are still available for in-app purchases. New missions celebrating the game’s one-year-anniversary are also updated for players to obtain abundant rewards.




Produced by Japanese composer Naoki Maeda , who is best known for composing and arranging music for Konami music video games, including the Dance Dance Revolution and Bemani series,“SEVEN’s CODE” is a rhythm smartphone game featuring over 50 songs and over 300 musical scores.


Players can choose from two different modes: “Simple” and “Chaos”. “Simple” follows a traditional top-down rhythm game template, while “Chaos” is more complicated which the players need to press, slide or drag the notes coming from different directions.



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