[Qoo Guide] “What to Buy and Why” for Vepsa’s King’s Raid


King’s Raid has been out for quite a while now and at this point you may have already reached the bottle neck points of the game. Some players will happily grind and farm their way through this bottle neck slowly, but if you’re all-in for fast ways to progress in this game and you’re willing to spend some money, whether you’ve been playing for a while already or new to the game, here’s a few essential things that you should pay (with real money) for.

The most important thing to get isn’t more rubies to draw special summons, but to pick 1-2 heroes that you’ll stick with for most of your early and mid game. To make the most out of your money, it’s best to focus developing just one team of heroes. If early on you get your hands on a unique weapon for a specific character, it’s wise to buy the character and develop them since the unique passives they come with really makes a difference.


However, if you don’t, here’s a few heroes you might want to consider investing into.

Recommended Heroes


As of this moment, Pavel is one of the strongest M.DPS (Magic Damage Dealer). High magic damage output combined with his crowd control (CC) capabilities makes him strong in PvE and PvP. The downside to Pavel is the need to combine skills for maximum damage and the slow mana gain.


With an AoE heal that heals a everyone in your team for zero mana, Baudouin can get you out of tricky situations. Although the zero mana heal has a cooldown of 60 seconds, the effects are good enough for PvP and Raids.


With only two mana, Demia can pull a enemy back-line hero (healer/range dps) to the front as well as applying a stun to the pulled enemy and close-by enemies. In PvP this isn’t only a great CC but also opens a chance for your team to take down a back-line hero quickly. Dimea’s skills allow her to easily block damage whilst applying a attack decrease debuff on enemies or unleash a significant amount of damage.


Melee P.DPS. High attack speed and combined with a active buff to increase crit chance gives Reina a high damage output. However Reina truly shines after level 30 when she gets her passive which increases her damage every time she crits (up to 5 stacks). Like many Assassin class, she suffers from low HP and she lacks the ability to dash into enemy’s back-line heroes.


Both Dismael and Selene are great ranged DPS. Whilst Dismael deals magic damage and has defense penetration, Selene does physical damage and can do additional damage depending on the enemy’s remaining HP. Although Selene uses a little more mana when compared to Dismael, both heroes do well in both PvP and PvE.

Special Shop


The first thing you want to buy after choosing heroes you like is getting the 7 day EXP Booster and the 7 day Gold Booster (imo). EXP is important for obvious reasons and Gold is essential for ranking up heroes. Despite being able to get EXP and Loot boosters, buying the 7 day boosters can give you a tremendous advantage since they stack with booster scroll effects. Additionally, If you find that you have Loot Booster scrolls it is best to save them for when you can clear Bloody Wings Tribal Outpost (second Map Upper Dungeon).


The reason for this is that early on in the game, fragments needed for ranking up two star heroes to three stars isn’t too much of a challenge. The requirements for three star to four star is a big leap, saving the loot scrolls for Bloody Wings Tribal Outpost guarantees that you get at least 10 fragments per run (10 per run x 5 free runs per day = at least 50 fragments per day) saving your rubies to recharge for Upper Dungeon is highly recommended as Loot Boosters only last for an hour.

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