Key Reveals New Prima Doll Multimedia Project


Japanese visual novel studio Key today (28th October) reveals a new multimedia project titled “Prima Doll” (プリマドール) after developing multiple hit game projects such as “Kanon,” “Clannad,” and “Summer Pockets”.

Key Reveals New Multimedia Project Prima Doll

The project’s character designer includes Na-Ga, Fuji Choko, and mangaka Hara Yui. More popular artists will be revealed later. “Summer Pockets” director Kai and “Hatsukoi 1/1” director Tohya Okano are writing the story.

With the assistance of figure maker Kotobukiya, the project is created based on the innocent and moving wishes of the girls. The thoughts and growth of the characters will be expressed through various media under the theme of “songs and dolls”.

Prima Doll Story

Kuronekotei (黒猫亭) is a coffee shop that sits at the corner of the 5th district of the imperial capital. The girls who work there are autonomous mechanical dolls (automata) that were made by the most advanced technology.

The girls were created as weapons for the Great War years ago. But after the war, peace came to the city. Restored as new dolls, dressed in shiny kimonos, they look for the meaning of their birth.

Would you like to spend a wonderful time with them?



■ Haizakura (灰桜) – CV: Azumi Waki (和氣あずみさ)
Illustrator: Na-Ga
Height: 138cm
Favorite: Anpan
Wish:I want to know my roles in life

Haizakura is a curious hard worker. She is a very naive and Ponkotsu doll because she was reset once before coming to Kuronekotei.

However, she is very serious about her jobs. She works hard on everything and is loved by the people around her.

Sometimes she can be so stubborn that when she believes in something, she won’t listen to anybody.


■ Karasuba (鴉羽)
Illustrator: Fuji Choko (藤ちょこ)
Height: 155cm
Favorite: Rich peanut butter shake
Wish:I want to protect Haizakura

Karasuba is the leader of Kuronekotei. Though she is a little aggressive and competitive, she has a caring personality. She behaves well as an example for everyone.

Her capacity is a little bit smaller than other dolls and is not good at unexpected situations. Sometimes she will lose herself which she reflects deeply on.


■ Gekka (月下)
Illustrator: Hara Yui (原 悠衣)
Height: 128cm
Favorite: Taiyaki
Wish:I want to have a new mission

She is a former reconnaissance doll with a childlike prosthetic body. She has a blunt tone like a soldier. Though she follows orders faithfully, there are somewhere cold and lethargic inside her heart.

She maintains a shallow relationship with others and always observes from a distance.


Web Novel

A web novel is confirmed to be serialized on the official website. It will focus on the daily lives of the dolls.


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