“Magatsu Wahrheit” Mobile RPG Officially Launches Worldwide

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Mobimon yesterday (28th October) officially launched the global version of KLabGames’ JRPG “Magatsu Wahrheit” for iOS and Android devices.

With a majestic soundtrack and exciting storyline, the game is now available for free download on QooApp, along with multiple Game Launch Campaign. In addition, the “Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUERST- “ TV anime also premiered in October 2020.

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“Magatsu Wahrheit” is a real-time RPG and is set in a fantasy world Wahrheit which is doomed to be devastated by ten lights. In a world struggling between the invading Light and ultimate Truth, you, an Awakened One, with special ability gifted to fend off the Light, alongside the six Mobile Corps Captains, will embark on a journey to save the world!

Global Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game’s pre-registration reaching 20,000 milestones, all players can receive Gems and Guaranteed SSR equipment tickets for free!

Newcomer’s Special Login Rewards

From 28th October to 13th November, login to receive exclusive newcomer’s rewards including free gems, boosts, and Guaranteed SSR tickets! Complete the missions to create a UR weapon of your own!

Anime Launch Special Login Rewards

The official TV anime is on air now! Not only can you play the game, you can also watch all your favorite characters in action! To celebrate the airing of the TV anime “Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst,” players can obtain gems for free simply by logging in the game!

Challenge Bosses and Receive SSR Global Version Limited Weapons

Challenge the bosses in Advent Quests to obtain free SSR “Truth of Light” weapons of any class of your choice! Limit Break? No worries. Stronger enemies will have a chance to drop SSR Advent Weapon Exchange Tickets, which means you can obtain weapons of the same class multiple times!

SSR Captain’s Weapons Gacha

Obtain the exclusive weapons at the time limited Game-Launching Gacha! The Captains’ Weapons restore a larger amount of AP than normal ones, making your attack quicker and more powerful. Fast and accurate, swift and deadly, finish the Thralls in style! Have a look at our six Captain’s weapons!

■ Leocadio – SSR “Alfreo”
Warrior Unit Captain Leocadio’s greatsword is a mighty sword which a thousand lions cannot hope to take down.

Unique Skill “Chain Fang”: Unleash a maximum 5 Hits attack that deals 355% physical damage to a single enemy.

■ Laurent – SSR “Imperial Knight Shield”

It is an ancestral shield passed down in the House Eszterházy which Knight Unit Captain Laurent was born into. Soul technology is infused into the body.

Unique Skill “All Guardian”: Increase all party members’ physical and special defense by a maximum of 43.3% for 20.3 seconds.

■ Jürgen – SSR “Rokkou – Choice Rod”
The beloved rod of Wizard Unit Captain Jürgen is a weapon passed down in House Gruberová. Only mageborns are able to unleash its full power.

Unique Skill “Void Falling”: Deal a 2-hit special damage of a maximum of 333.3% to all enemies, with a 50% chance to cause 66.6% additional damage.

■ Ignaz – SSR “Loneliness – One and Only Book”
The book of the Priest Unit Captain Ignaz is the only one who is able to decipher what is written within.

Unique Skill “Truth – Wish”: Deal a maximum of 312.5% divine elemental damage to all enemies and heal all allies by 161 HP.

■ Yasmin – SSR “Binding Kiss”
It is the beloved gun of the Gunner Unit Captain Yasmin. She does not hate her enemies, but she will unleash a rain of ‘kisses’ upon anyone that stands in her way.

Unique Skill “Spiral – Rain”: Deal a 3-hit special damage of a maximum of 270% to all enemies.

■ Gerold – SSR “Long Live the Blade for Love”

Hunter Unit Captain Gerold is a man born of love, lives for love and will die for love. His thrilling blade is filled with Gerold’s ultimate survival power, which is, well, love.

Unique Skill “Rage Eagle”: Deal a 4-hit physical damage of a maximum of 321.6% to a single enemy, and increases accuracy by 43.3% for 25.3 seconds.

“Magatsu Wahrheit” is now available for download via QooApp Game Store! Download here!

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