Monster Quest: Seven Sins New Update "Chasing the Dawn" Comes Out 12th November!!

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The long-awaited new update for Monster Quest: Seven Sins, Chasin the Dawn, is now almost here! The update will be bringing new monsters and a brand new PvP mode that tests players’ strategic minds. Find out more in the official press release below.

<<Official Monster Quest: Seven Sins Press Release>>

Ubeejoy’s monster capturing and raising mobile game “Monster Quest: Seven Sins” will receive a new update on 12th November 2020. In the upcoming version, Chasing The Dawn, a new epic Monster, the “Astral Dragon”, will be available for players to capture and raise. A new storyline will be unlocked. Players will be able to attend the Sakura’s Accidental Meeting Event to obtain an exclusive event-specific Yabi  “Dragon Sakura”.

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New SSR Monster – Astral Dragon Arrives

The new epic monster “Astral Dragon” is coming. He’s the lord of the universe with great ancient power. Players can obtain this powerful Monster by collecting ancient special stone. To evolve this Monster, players need to put the four types of Astral Power altogether.

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New Story of Emperor Kinshoto

The new story of Emperor Kinshoto is unlocked now. Born in the east, Emperor Kinshoto is one of the five emperors. But in his previous lives, he was stuck in the cycle of birth and death. New life begins, can he break free from this painful cycle?

Sakura’s Accidental Meeting Event

Free Yabi “Dragon Sakura” is available for players to obtain. Players can unlock Dragon Sakura’s pack, evolution, and ascension by gaining enough points. To gain points, players need to complete the mission, which is tapping on different images before the time runs out.

New Battle Feature Available

The new battle feature allows players to select monsters that are provided automatically by the system and use these monsters to battle other players. Players can show their strategic ability in this new PVP arena as the monsters selected in this new feature will not be influenced by the resources that players use to raise and evolve them, which shows more fairness.

Download the game now to capture monsters. There are more than 100 monsters are waiting! Evolve these monsters and battle till the end!

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