Nitroplus’ “Warau, Ars Notoria” Mobile RPG Delays to February 2021

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Good Smile Company and Nitroplus’ upcoming smartphone RPG “Warau, Ars Notoria” (咲う アルスノトリア) has been delayed to February 2021 due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).


Official Announcement


The mobile game is a 20th anniversary project of visual novel video game developer Nitroplus. It was first announced in December 2019 and was originally set to release in this fall before this announcement. Otsuka Shinichiro, illustrator of “Summon Night” and “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World,” is in charge of the main character design.

The story centers on “You,” who lost most of your memories and becomes a teacher at a secret academy where normal people can’t see. In the academy, there are girls known as “Pentagrams” (ペンタグラム) who are learning how to become “proper ladies”. It seems you are living a busy life surrounded by them, but little did you know this is the prelude for battle against the “Knights”…


Pre-registration of the game has reached 50,000. You can pre-register by following the game’s Twitter, adding its LINE, via email address, or at the Top10 site.


10,000: Sigil “My Pace in the Flower Garden”x 1 *Clear
20,000: Stones x5 *Clear
30,000: Stones x 10 *Clear
40,000: Stones 15 *Clear
50,000: Sigil “Albert Sisters in the Bathroom” x 1 *Clear
100,000: Stones x 20
150,000: Sigil x1

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Official Twitter

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