[Qoo News] DeNA Announces New “Sangokushi Royale Arena” Mobile Game for Spring 2021


DeNA announces the development of a new mobile game “Sangokushi Royale Arena” (三国志ロワイヤル アリーナ) that is set to release in spring 2021.


“Sangokushi Royale Arena” is a brand-new game based on “Sangokushi Royale” (三国志ロワイヤル),  a mobile card game for players to collect and capture generals that belong to the Three Kingdoms era. “Sangokushi Royale” is a popular game title on DeNA’s Mobage game social network and is currently celebrating its 7th anniversary.

An audition will be held to recruit character voice actors for the game. Check out the special site for details.

Special Site

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