[Qoo News] “Touhou Dungeon Dive” Roguelike Action Game Launches for Smartphones


Star Factory and Seven Volt today (14th December) officially launches the action game “Touhou Dungeon Dive” (東方ダンジョンダイブ) for iOS and Android devices.


Theme Song “Completely My Way” featuring Mel Kishida


“Touhou Dungeon Dive” is a roguelike action game, which allows players to challenge different dungeons with the characters of the “Touhou Project”. A mysterious “hole” suddenly opened in Gensokyo with an infinite dungeon spread behind it. Reimu sets out an investigation and to suppress the variant of aliens gathered in the dungeon.


Game System

It is possible to bring two characters with different attack styles, parameters, and acquisition skills to the dungeon. Swipe the screen to move the character, and when stopped, the bullet will be launched. Defeat all enemies on the floor and you can move on to the next floor.

Choosing equipment skills and dungeon skills according to the situation is the key to clear the stage. The game also features original soundtracks that are written specifically for the characters.


Gameplay Video

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