[Qoo News] “Princess Connect Re:Dive” Reveals Special Video & New Year Celebration Events


Cygames’ mobile RPG “Princess Connect Re:Dive” (プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive) yesterday (30th December) streamed a special video to celebrate the end of 2020! Details about the upcoming New Year events and future updates are also revealed.

New Year Event

Story Event “New Year Gourmet Princess! The Girls that bet on One Throw” (新春グルメプリンセス! 一投にかけた乙女たち) is held between 31st December and 14th January.



The event features characters wearing New Year kimono. ★1 Muimi (CV: Megumi Han) can be obtained after fulfilling certain requirements in the event.


■ Event PV

Princess Fes Gacha features new character ★3 Hiyori (CV: Nao Tōyama) and is held between 31st December and 3rd January. The drop rate of ★3 characters is double.


■ Character PV

Future Updates

After the January’s updates, you will be able to skip battles in Battle Arenas and Princess Arenas.


After the March’s updates, you will be able to raise the “Kizuna Rank” at once, instead of one rank at a time.


On 7th January, ★ 6 awakening is unlocked for Akari.


3rd Anniversary Live Stream

The 3rd Anniversary Live Stream is scheduled to air on 15th February 2021. Stay tuned on the official twitter for further details!


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