Yostar's “Blue Archive” Now Opens for Pre-registration

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Yostar’s upcoming smartphone game “Blue Archive” (ブルーアーカイブ -Blue Archive-) today (4th January) officially opens for pre-registration. The game is set to launch in early 2021.

Teaser PV


Developed by NAT Games, “Blue Archive” is a “finding miracle in everyday life” RPG. Players will play the role of a teacher who leads students to solve a variety of different incidents. The game features a “pop story” with anime-styled visuals and 3D graphics.



Players can now pre-register the game via following the Official Twitter, Mail, Top 10 site or LINE. The pre-registration rewards are as follows:

10,000: Credit x 50,000
30,000: Blue Pyroxene x100
70,000: Blue Pyroxene x200
100,000: Blue Pyroxene x300
150,000: Blue Pyroxene x600
200,000: ★2 Junko (ジュンコ)

Pre-registration Site

Official Site

Official Twitter

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