“Master Topia” MMORPG Officially Launches for Smartphones

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Publisher Efun today (7th January) officially launches the MMORPG “Master Topia” for iOS and Android! The game has invited Thai actress Taew Natapohn as its ambassador and it is also her first time to challenge voice acting! Warriors, start your adventure now!

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The story of “Master Topia” kicks off in an epic land full of adventurers, where players can capture various adorable Dragon Souls like Tamamo or Princess Elizabeth and experience a spectacular adventure. Take your adventure with Taew, who voices Tamamo in the game!


Explore a Mysterious Kingdom

Start the epic journey in the Land of Asran! Follow the guidance of Tome of Knowledge to travel far and wide as you collect shards scattered across the kingdom, tame rebellious Dragon Souls and write an everlasting epic story!

Raise the Cuties

Login now to obtain exclusive rewards! Thousands of cute pets await in the wild! Fae Woods, Dawn Bay, the Pure Arctic: select the right terrain, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Discover rare breeds and catch all pets to become the pet master!

Get S-Class Servant

Form pacts with Dragon Souls, the most loyal servants who will sacrifice everything for their master. Train drake orbs, quench weapons and morph soul forms for the ultimate power boost! Beautiful Tamamo, tsundere Elizabeth, wicked Bahmrite…which Dragon Soul will you bond with?

Fight For Miracles

Wind Wolf, Succubus, Shadow Drake…Epic bosses lurk all around the battlefield to guard rare treasures and gears. Only a team of warriors can crush them. Beware! The boss will seduce and consume you with enormous power. Don’t let it corrupt your Dragon Soul!

Create a Destined Romance

Meet wonderful souls in enchanting landscapes and take pictures as keepsakes for your next encounter. Go on dates, hold hands, feed pets and design outfits together. Throw a wedding so romantic that your friends will never forget!

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