“IDOLY PRIDE” Gets Mobile Game This Spring! Pre-registration Now Opens!

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QualiArts today (11th January) announces that the idol multimedia project “IDOLY PRIDE” is getting a smartphone game this spring. The game also opens for pre-registration.

“IDOLY PRIDE” is a large-scale media-mix project created by CyberAgent Group, Music Ray’n, and Straight Edge, with character designs by QP:flapper. Singer-songwriters Masayoshi Ōishi, Ryujin Kiyoshi and Yu Sakai provide songs for the idol groups. The franchise also inspire a TV anime premiered on 10th January 2021.


Game Overview

“IDOLY PRIDE” is an idol management RPG where players witness the growth of idols as the game progresses. Players play as the manager of the idols and support their idol activities, such as handshake events and live battles. You will also have to train idols to win a live battle and lead them to become top idols of the industry.

You can also enjoy the functions that only a manager can experience, such as receiving messages and calls from the idols.


Players can now pre-register the game via following the Official Twitter (@idolypride). The pre-registration rewards are as follows:

10,000:10 times Gacha Draws
20,000:Gacha Ticket for Highest Rarity Character
30,000:Your Exclusive Gold Business Card for 10 Manager

Official Site

Official Twitter

Official Youtube

IDOLY PRIDE IDOLY PRIDE IDOLY PRIDE QualiArts, Inc. Release Date: Spring 2021 Pre-register
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