“Dragalia Lost” x “Persona 5” Crossover Event Starts From January 31

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Nintendo and Cygames’ mobile RPG “Dragalia Lost” today (22nd January) announces a crossover event, Caged Desire, with the “Persona 5 Strikers” video game. The collaboration will run from 31st January to 12th February.

Collaboration PV

Caged Desire Event

During the Caged Desire event, you can use co-op play to fight against a raid boss with no elemental attunement.

Joker, Mona, Panther will appear in the Summon Showcase. Sophie will join your party when you maximize your friendship with her during the event.

■ Joker

■ Mona

■ Panther

■ Sophie

Daily Free Summons & Login Bonus

■ Daily free tenfold summon!
A daily free tenfold summon event, which will allow you to perform a tenfold summon on the applicable summon showcase for free once per day, starts on 31st January.

■ Login Bonus
You can get abundant rewards when you log in for the duration of the event! They include 5★ wyrmprint “Caged Desire,” “It’s showtime!” sticker and Tenfold Summon Voucher!

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Official Site

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