“NieR Re[in]carnation” Mobile RPG Now Goes Live! “NieR:Automata” Collaboration Starts Today!

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Square Enix’s command-action RPG “NieR Re[in]carnation” officially launches for iOS and Android! It is the first smartphone title of the “NieR” series.

Opening Movie


The game is created by “NieR” and“NieR: Automata” producer Yōsuke Saitō with Taro Yoko serving as creative director. CyDesignation’s Akihiko Yoshida is the main character designer. It is developed by “BLADE XLORD” developer Applibot. The game was also announced to release in Northern America and Europe, but the date and details are not yet confirmed.

The story follows a girl who wakes up on the cold stone of the “Cage”. Led by the mysterious creature who called itself Mama, the girl starts her journey to redeem herself and retrieve the things that she lost.

Game System

The command-based battle system is semi-auto, where characters will deal normal attacks automatically. Activate weapon skills and character skills at the right timing to defeat your enemies.

Using weapon skill to add a defensive debuff and then connecting it to another skill with high firepower to aim for large damage. On the other hand, the characters of your party’s center could be moved to any position.

Weapons and characters can be obtained in the gacha. You can get the accompanying character when you get ★3 and ★4 weapons. Each character will have their individual background and story. Weapons are divided into weapon types such as swords, spears, and guns, and different weapon skills are set for each weapon.

“NieR:Automata” Collaboration

To celebrate the game launch, a collaboration event with “NieR:Automata” is held simultaneously. The event will feature collaboration characters, 2B, 9S and A2, and their weapons.

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Pre-registration Rewards

In celebration of its 1 million pre-registration, a solid-gold Mama statue that is 1 million yen worth will be produced.

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