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“Over Eclipse” Open-World Mobile RPG Announced for Early Summer 2021

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Appirits announces a new mobile RPG “Over Eclipse” (オーバーエクリプス), which is set to launch in early summer 2021 in Japan. A teaser site, story and character design are revealed.

“Over Eclipse” is an open world RPG that is set in a devastated world, where players aim to purify the world and confront the creatures “Hoshibito” (ホシビト) that is eroded by a mysterious power known as Hosina (ホシスナ). The protagonist, “Purifier,” forms contracts with the powerful “Guardian” and takes on their journey to defeat the creatures.


Planet Holos is a filthy world full of Hosina (ホシスナ).

All living things are eroded by Hoshisna Syndrome, a disease that makes people lose their mind.

“Purifier (Invoker)” is the only being who has the power to purify Hoshisuna. However, they are not heroes and they will not be praised. An unclean person who pays the unclean.

Still they continue to purify for the significance of their existence.

Character Design

■ Sarugasu (サルガス) – CV: Aya Yamane (山根綺)
Original Design: Rorua (ろるあ)
Illustration: Takechi Keisuke (タケチケイスケ)

■ Algol (アルゴル) – CV: Miyari Nemoto (根本京里)
Illustration: Kinkojika (キンコジカ)

■ Deneb (デネブ) – CV: Hina Youmiya (羊宮妃那)
Illustration: Takechi Keisuke (タケチケイスケ)

■ Mira (ミラ) – CV: Miyazono Takumu (宮園拓夢)
Illustration: Kinkojika (キンコジカ)

Official Site

Official Twitter

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