“A3!” Gets Two Live-Action Films

Mr. Qoo

The stage play of Liber Entertainment’s “A3!” actor-training mobile game is confirmed to inspire two live-action films, titled “Mankai Movie A3! ~Spring & Summer~” and “Mankai Movie A3! ~Autumn & Winter~”. The two films will open in Japan this December and 2022 respectively.

The franchise’s first two stage plays ran in 2018 and 2019. It then ran two new stage plays in 2019, and two new stage plays in 2020. A new Four Seasons Live 2020 stage play is slated to run this September. The cast members from the stage play will reprise their roles in the live-action movies.

Kenji Kurata is directing the films, and also penning the script for the first film. He is co-writing the script for the second film with Hideyuki Kobashi. Fumiya Matsuzaki and Shinjirō Kameda, the director and scriptwriter of the original stage plays, are credited for stage and script supervision. Yu (vague), the composer for the stage plays’ music, is returning for the films.


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