Ikemen Spirits Arrives! “Date A Live: Girl's Side” April’s Fool Project Revealed!

Mr. Qoo

The “Date A Live” franchise today reveals an April’s Fool Project “Date A Live: Girl’s Side” (デート・ア・ライブ ガールズサイド), which turns the spirits into ikemen.

約會大作戰 Girl's Side

The project features an illustration drawn by illustrator Ako Arisaka and a special video with Nobunaga Shimazaki voicing all characters. A special site introducing the characters is also revealed.

Special Video


On her first day to transfer to Private Ratatosk Academy, Shiori Gokawa finds out the shocking fact that the principal of this school was Makoto Gokawa, her brother-in-law!

“There are a few special students at this school. Shiori, I want you to get to know them and choose one groom candidate from them,” Makoto told her.

Shiori’s school life began as Makoto told her that the situation was different from usual (the color of the scarf changed from white to black). Ah! What will happen to me from now on ~ !?

約會大作戰 Girl's Side


■ Tohru Yategami

約會大作戰 Girl's Side
■ Orien Tobichi

約會大作戰 Girl's Side
■ Yoshiki Himekawa

約會大作戰 Girl's Side
■ Kyozo Tokisaki

約會大作戰 Girl's Side

Special Site

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