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My Hero Academia Ultra Impact Tier List & First Event

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My Hero Academia has been out for just a little over a week now and its first event officially started on the 26th of May. Here is a brief tier list of what we think are the strongest characters in the game right now and a look at the new event “1-A Special Combat Training!”

First, let’s talk about the new event. The new event introduces to the game the very first [SR – Technique] All Might unit you can obtain. The event is pretty simple. Play through the Event Quests to obtain Boss Tickets which you then use to enter Boss Battles, fighting against Shota Aizawa (Power). Clearing the boss fights will reward you with hero tickets that you can use in the event gacha page to obtain [SR – Technique] All Might and the event special SR card.

The actual boss fight itself isn’t particularly challenging. Players will be hit by a reduce crit rate debuff and throughout the fight, Aizawa’s skill will bind one of your units for a turn (unable to take action for one turn). On Normal or higher stages, Aizawa’s crit rate will also increase periodically as the battle is drawn out.

[UR – Technique] All Might

[SR – Technique] All Might is a Technique unit (blue) that plays a somewhat short-lived DPS role in your team, both his skills OKLAHOMA SMASH and CAROLINA SMASH both deals decent damage, but shines when used against enemies under speed/power down debuffs. His Plus Ultra skill, TEXAS SMASH, deals 35% more damage against enemies under crit rate down debuff. His second passive raises his Plus Ultra gauge by 30% once ber battle when his HP drops below 50%. Whilst this all sounds great, much like in the original series, it all comes with a downside. All Might’s first passive, whilst increases his skill damage by another 30% when he is over 50% HP also reduces his power and speed by 3% each turn (up to 30%).

Tier List


Current Top Tier

[UR – Technique] Izuku Midoriya 

The new [UR – Technique] Izuku Midoriya is one of the best units you can have right now, especially with the new event. Most of the event stages and all of the event Boss Fights have [Power] type enemies. This new Midoriya has incredible burst damage potential. His first passive increases his skill damage by 35% as long as his HP is over 50%. His first skill applies a reduce speed debuff which sets the stage for his second skill which does 50% more damage if the enemy has reduced speed. His Plus Ultra skill does 700% damage to a single target and reduces the target’s crit rate. For survivability, his second passive allows him to evade three attacks when his HP drops below 50%, this effect can only proc once per battle.

[UR – Destruction] All for One

[UR – Destruction] All for One (AFO) is a villain support unit that can drastically boost your team’s damage especially if your team is made up of villain units. His first skill deals damage and lowers one ally’s skill cooldown by one. His second skill is an AoE attack that reduces all enemies skill damage by 25% for three turns. His passive skills increase all villain allies’ power and crit rate by 25% and raise his own skill damage by 50% when his HP is above 50%. All in all, AFO is an essential unit for building a villain team.

[UR – Technique] Momo Yaoyorozu

[UR – Technique] Momo Yaoyorozu one of the best offensive support units in the game right now. She has a heal which also removes a status debuff from allies. Her first passive also buffs Technique allies’ power by 15%. Her Plus Ultra skill is an AoE attack that also boosts allies’ Plus Ultra gauge by 25%.

[UR – Wisdom] Shoto Todoroki

[UR – Wisdom] Shoto Todoroki is a great off-DPS unit to have on your team. His first skill is an AoE attack that not only has a chance to freeze enemies for one turn, but also applies a 30% power buff to himself if a successful Chain is triggered. His other skill and Plus Ultra skill and inflict burn on enemies which is particularly useful when fighting bosses.

[UR – Wisdom] Ochako Uraraka 

[UR – Wisdom] Ochako Uraraka is the best defensive support currently available in the game. Her first skill heals allies and allows them to evade one attack. Her Plus Ultra skill gives all allies a 20% crit rate buff for three turns. The only downside to her skills is that they all have pretty hefty cooldowns.

The new “1-A Special Combat Training!” event will run until 9th June 14:59 JST.

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