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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Guide: How to Train A-Rank Horses?

Cygames’ “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby”  horse-racing mobile game has reached 7 million downloads and it has topped the revenue chart as one of the highest-grossing mobile games worldwide after releasing for 2 months! How is your life as a trainer with the adorable Uma Musume? If you are still struggling to train your horses into A-Rank, here are the guide and tips that help you get through it!


■ Which Uma Musume Should I Train First?
■ Status Needed to Win URA Championship
■ How to Build the Support Card Deck?
■ Recommended Support Card Skills
■ Inheritance System is the Key!
■ Tips for Training
■ Editor’s Note


Which Uma Musume Should I Train First?

Different Uma Musume has advantages and disadvantages for different races. In order to train your Uma Musume, you have to check their field, distance, strategy preferences first to strategize the races during training.

If you have trouble deciding which character to prioritize, here is a simple tier list for the strongest characters for races of different distances/ field types. Horses with good leg quality, skill compatibility and can play an active role in team races get a higher rank. You should know that the rarest character doesn’t mean the strongest in the world of Uma Musume. 


■ Why you Need Horses for different distances? 

One character is needed for each race distance/ type to join the Team Race (a system for you to race with other players). The rewards you obtain depends on your class, The higher the class, the more rewards you can obtain.


Status Needed to Win URA Championship

To win the URA Championship at the end of your training, the 5 status (Speed, Stamina, Power, Guts & Knowledge) of your Uma Musume has to reach a certain standard. Depending on the distance preference of your horses, here is a standard for the status needed to win the championship. It should give you certain ideas of which status you need to focus on during training.​

Basically, you can win the URA Finals if you focus on training speed or stamina status, so keep this in mind when training.

*Noted that the status that you need to get A Rank horses are much higher than the following chart. This is just a standard for you to win URA Finals. 


How to Build the Support Card Deck?

There are 6 types of support cards and you can differentiate by the symbol of the card. In the early stages, you only need to build the card deck with the same type of status you want to improve. But once you get used to training, you can study the card’s support effect.

For short distance & mile horses, you are recommended to build the deck with 3 Speed Cards+ 2 Power Cards + 1 Friend Card.  For medium & long-distance horses, 2 Speed Cards + 2 Stamina Cards + 1 Knowledge Card +  1 Friend Card is recommended.

SSR cards generally have a higher status than SR Card, but it is much easier for SR Card to break limits.

■ Recommended Support Cards for Short Distance & Mile Horses 

■ Recommended Support Cards For Medium & Long Distance Horses


Recommended Support Card Skills

The skills you can obtain during training not only depend on your horses but also on what support cards you use.  Noted that some skills are only generated in Training Events, which happens randomly. This means that even you use that card, it is not 100% to obtain the desired skills.

The skills that you should obtain also depend on the strategy your horse would like to use. The above skills are recommended as they are more efficient for your horse to speed up & recover stamina during the race. Some skills can be obtained through multiple cards.

Card Example  Skills

Skill points are needed to obtain skills and sometimes the skills will be available at discounts when your raise the hint level during training. You are advised to get the skills at the latter half of your training (which has a higher possibility to get a discount) when the races get more challenging.



Inheritance System is the Key

When you start your training, the Inheritance System allows you to inherit the status and skills of other horses. There are multiple factors (Status/ Skills/ Strategy) that affect the inheritance results, but generally speaking horses with 3-star factors (因子) make your new horse stronger.

Characters with similar race preferences and who have a close relationship in the story are some of the conditions to get ◎ during inheritance. ◎ means it has a higher possibility to inherit higher status and more factors. 

Factors are randomly assigned to Uma Musume who completes the training. Note that you may not always be able to acquire the factors of your desired ability. The ideal situation is that all the six horses on the chart have a 3-star factor, but this is extremely difficult, so just aim for 2~3 horses with status 3 star- factors.

Blue Factor: Status *Highest Priority
Pink Factor: Strategy/ distance preference
Green Factor: Fixed Skill
White Factor: Race/ Skill

It is very hard for beginners to have horses with 3-star factors, so the best option you can have is to rent strong horses from your friends (/following other players). You can only rent horses from your friends 3 times a day. 


Tips for Training

■ Raise bond gauge of Tazuna & Aoi first

If you have the support cards of Tazuna Hayakawa (駿川たづな) or Aoi Kiryuin (桐生院葵), you should prioritize raising their bond gauge at the beginning of your training. The two cards can increase your motivation by one level, thus increase the status you obtain in the following rounds. 

You can go out with Tazuna and Aoi when their bond gauge turns green. Going out with them can recover training stamina (random) and increase motivation (confirmed), making your training more efficient.

■  Be aware of bond gauges and tips

In the early stages of your training, actively raise the bond gauge of the support card and acquire hints. Ideally, if you can do this and train the status you want at the same time, the status that you get will largely increase. It will also be easier to raise the training level and increase the occurrence of Friendship Training (Rainbow Status).

■  Focus on Training 1 ~ 2 status + Knowledge 

It will be best to train 1 ~ 2 status + Knowledge in the middle phase of your training. If you select to train all five status, it becomes difficult to raise the training level and the status you obtain will be fewer at the end. Training Knowledge can recover your training stamina, so don’t forget to train Knowledge occasionally.

■ Reduce Rest Time (お休み)

If you want to get A Rank for your horses, don’t let your horse rest (お休み) all the time. Taking a rest can largely recover the training stamina, but you also lost the turn to train your horse. Select going out (お出かけ) especially with Friend card (Tazuna & Aoi) / train Knowledge instead if you need to recover the stamina.

■ Increase Motivation (やる気)

The more motivated you are, the greater the benefits it brings for the training. It is important to keep your horses in their best condition (絶好調)  in order to get A rank. Get motivated by going out when friendship training isn’t happening.

 ■ Don’t miss the chance of summer camp (夏合宿)

At the summer training cam(夏合宿), all status training will reach their maximum training levels. You can use this chance to train status that you don’t always train. But don’t hesitate to select status with Friendship Event.  

The summer camp lasts four turns from the first half of July to the second half of August. Remember to get a full stamina gauge and best condition before the summer training camp starts (later half of June). 

Editor’s Note

Training A-Rank Uma Musume is an extremely long and difficult process (especially when Kakin is not an option). You have to repeat the training process again and again (probably a hundred times) to get an A-Rank horse. But I promise you every time you train your horses, they are getting stronger and stronger (assuming that you get the correct factor for inheritance). And of course, the satisfaction is indescribable when you actually succeed. If you are lucky enough, break the card limits to increase the card skills, and don’t forget to awake your horses with the training shoes and winning flag you collected in the training!

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