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How to Fix "Install Error" for Arena of Valor!

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Today (1st June), Arena of Valor launched a new update which caused a number of players to receive the “Install Error: Please uninstall the application and redownload the game from Google Play” installation error notification when updating the game. After uninstalling and reinstalling from Google Play, the problem still persists. Here’s the fix to get Arena of Valor running again on your device!

arena of valor install error

The root of the problem is with the 64bit version of the new update’s APK file. To fix the problem you all you have to do is:

1. Uninstall the game

Because the 32bit APK is considered an outdated version in comparison to the 64bit APK, your android device won’t allow you to install the game with a 32bit APK if you have the latest (not working) version of the game installed. So before you are able to install the working 32bit APK file, you will have to uninstall the game first.

2. Download the 32bit APK file

Since the problem only occurs when the game is installed with the 64bit APK file, you will be able to get the game running again if you install the game using the 32bit APK file. If you download the game from QooApp, you will be downloading the 32bit APK file which should let you install the game without any issues.

Hope this fixes any issues you have with installing Arena of Valor!

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