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Koch Media Unveils New Publishing Company "Prime Matter" with a Number of Exciting New Games

In the midst of the E3 wave, gaming industry titan Koch Media unveiled a new publishing company “Prime Matter”. In addition to announcing the new publishing label, the company has also unveiled 12 new titles that they will be publishing.

On the label’s official website, it is described as “Koch Media’s new premium gaming label dedicated to delivering a range of immersive and diverse games, from amazing development talent all around the globe, that enthral players with larger-than-life story-telling, create incredible moments and above all that are fun!”

12 new titles were also revealed including:

PAYDAY 3 (PC, Console) – 2023
Crossfire: Legion (PC) – 2022
King’s Bounty II (PC, Consoles) – August 24
The Last Oricru (PC, Consoles) – 2022
Encased (PC) – September 2021
Gungrave G.O.R.E. (PC, Console) – 2022
The Chant (PC, Console) – Q2 2022
Final Form (PC, Consoles) – TBC
Dolmen (PC, Consoles) – 2022
Echoes of the End (PC, Gen 9) – TBC
Scars Above (PC, Console) – 2022
Painkiller – TBC

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