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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds: 10 Tips for Beginners

Stepping into the vast open world of “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds” with arrays of quests, PvP and multiplayer battles can be confusing. Check out QooApp’s tips and guide to make your magical journey smoother and more efficient!


1. Select Swordsman or Witch At the Beginning
2. Proceed Main Story & Reputation Quest to Level Up
3. Save Materials Until You Get ★3 or Above Weapons
4. Get High Rarity Companions by Hatching Egg
5. Use Weapons & Imagen with Advantageous Attributes
6. Get Buffs in Kingdom (Guild)
7. Find Stone Pillar to Raise Status
8. Join Daily Boss Raids
9. Make Good Use of the AI System
10. Link Account to Get 150,000 Gold

Tip 1: Select Swordsman or Witch At the Beginning

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has five classes; Swordsman, Witch, Engineer, Rogue, and Destroyer. The attack range and characteristics differ for different classes, but there is no big difference in the difficulty level and story content for the main quest.

You can always switch class in the middle of the game, but the experience obtained in the quest will not be shared. So you are still suggested to stick to one class at the early stage and train other class when you have time.

To proceed the story more efficiently, you are recommended to choose a class with high firepower, which can defeat monsters and complete the quests more quickly. Check out the overall review & recommended class for beginners below:

Tip 2: Proceed Main Story & Reputation Quest to Level Up

All the game contents will be unlocked only when you reach 40+ Player Rank, while proceeding the Main Story is the most efficient way to do so. When you have difficulty proceeding the main story, raise your reputation by finishing the Reputation Quests.

 ▼Activate the auto mode by tapping the quest button on the upper left of the screen.

 ▼Chaotic Land (混沌の地) is also a good spot to earn experience!

Tip 3: Save Your Materials Until You Get ★3 or Above Weapons

Equipping weapons and armor can increase your stats and combat power. You can forge your weapons and armors as the story proceeds and the weapons that you get are random.

The possibility of forging ★4 weapon is around 0.5%, so aiming for ★3 weapon (9%) is more practical. A ★4 weapon is guaranteed when you forge for 200 times. Resources are rare, remember to save your materials until you gets ★3 or above weapons. You can also dissemble your ★1 & 2 weapons to get resources for forging, but again the resources you get are random.

You are also advised to save Gold for refining your weapons. It is possible to transfer your awakening status (強化転移) to higher rarity weapons, but large amount of Gold is needed.

You can also get high-rarity equipments from the gacha with 4% drop rate for ★4 weapon & armor. However, it is difficult to get diamonds and ticket for the gacha if you don’t purchase in-game items.

Tip 4: Get High Rarity Companions by Hatching Egg

Imagen (イマージェン) is kawaii companion that support your battles and increase your combat power. Your first Imagen can be obtained in the main quest, but after that you have to draw gacha, in-game purchase or hatch eggs t0 get one.

Noted that hatching eggs can also get you ★4 Imagen but it largely depends on your luck. Choose the correct wish card is one of the key factors. Imagen meeting the conditions of the wish card will have a higher drop rate, but it doesn’t mean that you can get the Imagen you want.

▼ It is possible to get ★4 Imagen even if you choose 1 wish card

▼Collect the hatching materials at the Imagen Cradle (イマージェンの揺り籠).

In the Forest (森), you can receive gifts from the Imagens every 6 hours. Eggs and hatching materials can be obtained from gifts with a certain probability, so visit the Forest regularly to receive gifts.

Tip 5: Use Weapons & Imagen with Advantageous Attributes

There are five attributes in the world of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. If you use a weapon and Imagen with an advantageous attribute, the damage dealt will increase 1.5 times.

Fire, Water and Wood are three more common attributes at the beginning, so you can focus on training its weapons and Imagen. Build your deck with 3 different weapons & swap weapons according to the situations.

Tip 6: Get Buffs in Kingdom (Guild)

Kingdom (キングダム) is something like a guild that allows you to interact with other players. Kingdom-member only multiplayer contents includes “Defense Battle” (GvE), “Invasion Battle” (GvG) and “Territory Battle” (GvG). You can also buy resources in the guild shop and obtain buffs, so don’t hesitate to join Kingdom when it is unlocked.

At Theatre (劇場), you can use Kingdom Coins to obtain buffs that temporarily strengthen your characters. Each effect lasts for 60 minutes only so use it when it is necessary. The buff Lv in Theatre is shared by all Kingdom members and can be increased with Kingdom Coins.

The buffs available in Theatre are as follow:

You can also cook dishes in the Kitchen, which also grants you buffs. But the effects only last for 10 minutes, so you better use it when it is necessary.

Tip 7: Find Stone Pillar to Raise Status

Each map has three stone pillars known as View Point (ビュースポット). When you touch them for the first time, it can increase your stats permanently. Noted that the stone pillars won’t be too far from the teleport portal.

▼ The Adventure Diary will give you hints on where to find the View Point.

This is the only system that you can’t turn on the auto mode, so better search the map carefully and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the game! You can also search for the treasure box during the journey!

Tip 8: Join Daily Boss Raid

Field Boss (フィールドボス) is large monsters that appear 4 times a day in specific places. A notice will appear on the screen reminding you to gather at the places 10 minutes before Field Boss appears.

▼ Time Schedule for Field Boss

You can obtain special items, accessories, and training materials after defeating the boss. Defeating field boss also gets a special coin (制圧の証) to exchange costumes and spell books at the shop.

High-level field Boss can recover HP and stunt players. Dodging attacks becomes important and beginners are recommended to turn off the auto mode in high-level bosses. Also check out the recommended combat power & level before you select which boss you want to challenge.

▼ Remember to turn off Automatic Counter at Option if you want to a fully manual control system

▼ Free/ Fixed Camera Mode also helps you dodge attacks more easily

Tip 9: Make Good Use of the AI System

If you leave the game idle for a while without performing any operation, it will automatically shift to the power saving mode. Automatic battles will continue even in power saving mode, which helps reduce battery consumption.

An AI mode is also available for player to continue battles even if the app is closed. This is a convenient system to collect experience and materials, but only 4 hours are available everyday.

The Chaotic Land (混沌の地) is the perfect place to use the AI mode as  you can hunt monsters continuously. Noted that you can’t use this mode in multiplayer contents. Go to the place that you want to hunt monster and then turn on the AI mode.

Tap the bottom right option and the app will automatically close after 5 seconds to start the AI ​​mode. The next time you log in, you will be able to see the rewards you got while you are gone.

Tip 10: Link Account to Get Gold

After linking accounts, you will receive 30,000 gold as achievement rewards. Rewards can be obtained for each platform, so you can receive a total of 150,000 gold!

▼Go to Option then Accounts to link account for different platforms

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