Square Enix Announce New Majou-Battle RPG, Mashiro Witch - Midnight Marchen

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Square Enix has just created a new website and Twitter account for a brand new Majou-Battle RPG title, Mashiro Witch – Midnight Marchen (ましろウィッチ – 真夜中メルヒエン ).  On the company’s Official Japanese YouTube channel, a Opening video was also released for the upcoming title.

The official website for the game currently has four in-game screencaps but shares no further information asides from a short story setting for the game. According to the website, the game is set in a world on the verge of destruction, and a group of Mahou Shoujo (魔法少女) band together to prevent the world from its doom. According to their twitter feeds, beta will be launched for Android devices in the near future.

▼Opening Video

Square Enix has announced that the game will make an appearance at Anime Japan 2017!

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