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Osomatsu-san Gets Live-Action Movie Starring Snow Man

Mr. Qoo

Based on Fujio Akatsuka’s 1962 manga series, Osomatsu-kun, the Osomatsu-san anime is getting a live-action movie in spring 2022. Johnny & Associates’ idol group Snow Man stars in the film.

The cast for the sextuplets and the film’s original characters are, from left to right above, Kōji Mukai as Osomatsu, Ryōta Miyadate as Period (original character), Shōta Watanabe as End (original character), Hikaru Iwamoto as Karamatsu, Raul as Todomatsu, Ren Meguro as Choromatsu, Ryōhei Abe as Close (original character), Daisuke Sakuma as Jūshimatsu, and Tatsuya Fukazawa as Ichimatsu.

The movie is directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa, the director of Grand Blue and Tokyo Revengers live-action movie. Ryōichi Tsuchiya is writing the screenplay, and Daiki Sugawara is the producer. Cinebazar and Hachinoji are producing the film for TOHO to distribute. A special video has been revealed on Snow Man’s official channel.

Special Video

Staff and Production

Original Work: Fujio Akatsuka’s Osomatsu-kun
Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa
Script: Ryōichi Tsuchiya
Production: Cinebazar/ Hachinoji
Distribution: TOHO


■ Osomatsu – Kōji Mukai (Snow Man)
■ Karamatsu – Hikaru Iwamoto (Snow Man)
■ Choromatsu – Ren Meguro (Snow Man)
■ Ichimatsu – Tatsuya Fukazawa (Snow Man)
■ Jūshimatsu – Daisuke Sakuma (Snow Man)
■ Todomatsu – Raul (Snow Man)
■ End – Shōta Watanabe (Snow Man)
■ Close – Ryōhei Abe (Snow Man)
■ Period – Ryōta Miyadate (Snow Man)

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