[Qoo News] Happy Kuzutopia Otome Mobile Game Opens for Pre-registration! Story and Cast Revealed!


CyberStep opens the pre-registration for its upcoming Happy Kuzutopia otome mobile game, which is set to release for iOS and Android this October. It also reveals the story and three main cast

Happy KuzUtopia

Happy Kuzutopia is an otome ADV game in which players have to live with a bunch of ikemen kuzu (trash). The scenario was supervised by Libre, a Japanese publishing company who runs Magazine Be × Boy and Be × Boy Gold. Manga artist Moriyo, who is known for her BL comic “Love and Truth” and “Peak Romance”, works on the character design.


One day, a phone call comes from your grandfather, the owner of a multi-tenant building. He wants you to take his place as the owner and manager of the building.

After quitting your job and being kicked off from your apartment, you have no place to go and thus decided to accept the offer. The building has a variety of tenants, including three troublemakers… and your first job is to collect the late rent payment?


Characters and Cast

■ Hikaru Sumeragi – CV: Amatsuki
A host who can’t pay his rent due to irregular life

■Raimu Tsukigase – CV: Ayumu Murase
A college students who ran away from his rent bill without money or time

■ Shota Nagae – CV: Kenji Nojima
A normal office worker who works on finance but still can’t pay his rent



Players can now pre-register Happy Kuzutopia by following the official Twitter/via Mail.  Chapter one of the scenario will be free when the pre-registration reaches 5,000. Chapter two will be free when the pre-registration reaches 10,000 coming with an additional phone call scenario.

Official Site

Official Twitter

Happy KuzUtopia CyberStep, Inc. Rate: 3.7 Install