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Project Sekai 1st Anniversary Adds Playable Songs of Eve & BUMP OF CHICKEN! Collab with Seven Deadly Sins Song Series Coming in Early Dec!

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Sega and Colorful Palette’s Project Sekai Colorful Stage ft. Hatsune Miku has revealed more information about its upcoming 1st anniversary campaigns that will be held from September 30.

Anniversary Song “Gunjo Sanka” by Eve

The game will be adding 14 playable songs, one every day between September 30 and October 13, including an anniversary song “Gunjo Sanka” (群青讃歌) created by Eve.

The Sekai Ver. of “Gunjo Sanka” is performed by Ichika Hoshino (CV: Ruriko Noguchi), Minori Hanasato (CV: Yui Ogura), Kohane Azusawa (CV: Akina), Tsukasa Tenma (CV: Daisuke Hirose), Kanade Yoisaki (CV:Tomori Kusunoki) and Hatsune Miku. A Virtual Singer Ver. performed by Hatsune Miku will also be available.

Highest Level Difficulty for “Machine Gun Poem Doll” by cosMo@bousouP

The game will also add a new commissioned song “Machine Gun Poem Doll” created by cosMo@bousouP, which features the highest level difficulty.

14 New Playable Songs

The 14 playable songs added to the game are as follows, including “ray” and “Hello,world!” (OP of Blood Blockade Battlefront) that is originally performed by BUMP OF CHICKEN.

Collaboration with Seven Deadly Sins Song Series

Project Sekai will be collaborating with mothy/ Akuno-P’s Seven Deadly Sins Song Series in early December. The collaboration will feature new costumes and hair styles for Kagamine Rin & Len, Megurine Luka, and KAITO. Collaboration ★4 members will also be available.

In celebration for the collaboration, ★2 [Gift from Sleeping Princess] Hatsune Miku will be presented to all players as a login bonus.

Karasuya Sabou Joins as Creator

Composer Karasuya Sabou is joining the game as creator. He is writing a new unit song for Wonderlands×Showtime.

Connect Live

A new Virtual Live mode “Connect Live” will also be held later on. In Connect Live, the characters will perform the full length of the songs and will respond to the messages and calls in real-time. It will also feature more stage effects. The 1st tour of Connect Live will be held for each unit, and performances are scheduled every 1 to 2 months.

A paid ticket is needed for the Connect Live, but part of the live will be available for free. An open rehearsal is also available before live.

1st Anniversary Login Bonus

In celebration of the 1st anniversary, players who login for seven days during September 30 to October 13 can obtain a total of Crystals x 3,000 and 10x gacha ticket x 7.

1st Anniversary Memorial Select Gacha

The 1st Anniversary Memorial Select Gacha will be held from September 30 to October 31. The gacha allows you to select one ★ 4 member from the pick-up members, but paid crystals are needed.

Premium Gift Gacha

The Premium Gift Gacha will be held from October 1. You can obtain 1st anniversary limited costumes and special costumes in this one-time only limited gacha. It will be held for each unit on a daily basis and is available for paid crystals only.

Birthday Live

The date for the Birthday Virtual Live of Haruka Kiritani, Honami Mochizuki has been revealed. The schedule is as follows;

Haruka Kiritani: Oct 5 (Tue), 0:00~23:00 [JPT]
Honami Mochizuki: Oct 27 (Wed), 0:00~23:00 [JPT]

1st Anniversary Special Live

The 1st Anniversary Special Live will be held on September 30 at 0:30 [JPT]. The 1-hour live performance will feature all units. The Virtual Live Shop will add limited items 1st Anniversary hat and 1st Anniversary penlight.

Limited Items in Virtual Live Shop & Crystal Shop

Limited items “Narikiri Costumes” for each unit member will be on sale in Virtual Live Shop from September 30 to October 11.

As a 1st Anniversary Sale, paid crystals will be available at a discount for a limited time.

1st Anniversary Colorful Festival Gacha

The 1st Anniversary Colorful Festival Gacha will be held from October 1 doubling the drop rate of ★4 members. New Colorful Festival limited members Hatsune Miku and Hoshino Ichika will appear. New event members ★4 Minori Hanasato, Kohane Azusawa, and Tsukasa Tenma will also make their debut.

Mini Anime “Puchi Sekai”

Project Sekai is getting a 10-episode mini-anime “Puchi Sekai” featuring the characters in 3D form. The anime will stream on the official Youtube channel for free.

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