[Qoo News] Honkai Impact 3rd Special Concert “Starfire Sonorant” Goes Live on October 5! New Trailer Revealed!


miHoYo’s Honkai Impact 3rd is holding a free online concert “Starfire Sonorant” on its official Youtube channel on October 5, at 19:30 [UTC].


It also revealed a new trailer highlighting the game’s characters and a sneak peek at the Hoyo-Mix music team preparing for the show.

The one-night only performance will feature the game’s music created by the miHoYo’s in-house music team Hoyo-Mix. A visual showcasing three characters Kiana, Mei, and Bronya with stage costumes is revealed. The concert will be streamed worldwide simultaneously.

“Starfire Sonorant” Special Concert

Official Site

Official Twitter

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