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Touken Ranbu Warriors 1st Demo Play Revealed at TGS2021

Mr. Qoo

DMM Games’ Touken Ranbu Warriors/ Touken Ranbu Musou revealed the first demo play during today’s live stream at TGS2021.

The live stream has invited seiyuu Tomoaki Maeno (played as Yamanbagiri Kunihiro) and Kengo Takanashi (played as Yamanbagiri Chougi) to try out the game.

Touken Ranbu Warriors is a typical beat ’em up hack and slash fighting system just like other Dynasty Warriors games. Players will be following the touken danshi to join in the historical wars and complete different missions by fighting along the way.

The player can choose a playable character and a buddy character, who will be fighting alongside you. One of the highlights is the stunning 3D animation when the character unleashes special attacks.

The two swords you choose can also unleash special attacks (Link Skills) together, while different sword combinations will have different effects.

For those who is not familiar to the Musou game series,  there is a simple mode for you to unleash different attacks and avoid attacks with just one button. Konnosuke will also lead the way in case you get lost.

In Honmaru, players can assign the touken danshi to Internal Affairs just like the original Touken Ranbu game. Special dialogue will also occur when you accumulate their bond gauge by pairing up the swords together. Players will also be able to nurture the swords and get materials in Honmaru.

The Unanalyzed Battlefield is a newly revealed mode, where players have to fight and search their way to unlock the whole area. You can only clear the stage when the whole area is 100% analysed. The night battle mode showcases a totally different atmosphere from the Musou mode.

Touken Ranbu Warriors is set to release on Switch and PC via DMM Games on February 17, 2022 in Japan. KOEI TECMO also announced that it will release the game in the west on May 24, 2022.

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