R18 visual novel Dies irae is getting a mobile adaption

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R18 visual novel Dies irae (ディエス・イレ) on PC has announced a mobile adaption after the recent announcement of an anime adaption. A preview video of the upcoming anime series is now out on YouTube.

The mobile game, Dies irae PANTHEON (ディエス・イレ パンテオン), will be produced by Light and Super Appli. Super Appli has previously developed a browser game, Sword Art Online The End of the World. The scriptwriter, Takashi Masada, for the original game will still be responsible for the story.

Dies irae is set in modern Japan where monstrous sorcerers Longinus Dreizehn Orden are there to seize the treasures that allow the owner to gain great power. The TV anime will air in Fall this year.

An English localisation project has been carried out by Dies irae World Emanation Project. The game is expected to be out on Steam in May this year.

Official game website|Official anime website

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