Evangelion Officially Arrives White Cat Project on October 29!


COLOPL‘s White Cat Project mobile game has started the collaboration event with Neon Genesis Evangelion from October 29 to November 30.


The event will have a collaboration scenario with the appearance of Neon Genesis Evangelion characters. The Gacha will feature Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Mari and Kaworu in 3D models. The characters will have special skills featuring their EVAs.

White Cat Project x Evangelion PV

White Cat Project x Evangelion Quest

The original scenario will comes with a special quest, where you can obtain the Spear of Longinus from the original Evangelion series. The weapon can be equipped to Lancer characters.



White Cat Project x Evangelion Gacha

From October 29 to November 17, players who login to the game can have one free draw in the collaboration gacha. The collaboration character available is as follows;


■ Shinji Ikari – CV: Megumi Ogata

■ Rei Ayanami (tentative) – CV: Megumi Hayashibara

■ Asuka Langley Soryu – CV: Yūko Miyamura

■ Mari Illustrious Makinami – CV: Maaya Sakamoto

■ Kaworu Nagisa – CV: Akira Ishida


Players who clear the event story (NORMAL) will receive an exchange ticket for a different version of Rei Ayanami!


White Cat Project x Evangelion Special Pack

To celebrate the collaboration, a special “Premium Jewel Pack” is on sale. Purchasing this pack for the first time can obtain an additional 5-star character guaranteed gacha ticket.

Purchasing for the second to fourth time will come with a special ticket where you can exchange an Evangelion collaboration costume for the White Cat Characters.


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