Gran Saga Reveals Final Trailer Before its Release on November 18 in Japan


NPIXEL started streaming the final trailer “The Soul Story” for its upcoming Gran Saga MMORPG, which is set to release on iOS and Android in Japan on November 18, 2021.

The 6-minute trailer told the story of the protagonist Russ, who witnessed the death of her mother under the hand of a mysterious knight when he was a child. The trailer also previewed the character voices by Yuki Kaji, Akari Kitō, Aoi Yuuki, Tomokazu Sugita and more.

NPIXEL will also reveal a Making & Interview Film on the official Youtube channel featuring rock band RADWIMPS, who write the game’s theme song “MAKAFUKA”. The video will also feature messages by the lead singer, Yojiro Noda.


Gran Saga celebrated its pre-registration reaching the 300,000 milestone. Players can receive HP & MP Recovery Item, SR Artifact Ticket, SR Artifact Ticket and Diamond x 3,500 and special costume when the game officially launches next Thursday.


About Gran Saga

GRAN SAGA is a MMORPG, which was first launched in Korea on January 26, 2021. The game also revealed plans for a western release at some point by 2022.

It tells a story of adventurers traveling the world seeking out powerful weapons with the hope to save their kingdom. Players will be able to form a team of 3 and switch the characters during battles according to the features of the enemies. The game includes various multiplayer contents such as boss raids, Arena and more.



The core system, Gran Weapon, is designed to help players to find their unique play-style. Gran Weapon not only allows players to use different combat styles (attack, defense, and support) but also changes skills and appearances according to their preferences.



Gran Saga CM

A special ad featuring actor Shun Oguri (live-action Gintama) and Nobuaki Kaneko (Alice in Borderland) will also air in Japan’s television and online from November 6.

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