Blue Archive Guide: 5 Tips to Help You Get Started


The global release of Blue Archive must have take players over the moon as this Bishojo x School RPG title has taken the mobile app rankings by storm in just a few days.

If you are about to begin a new school life with the bishojo students, here are some useful tip to get you started! Don’t forget to also check our Blue Archive Tier List & Reroll Guide with the best students ranked!

Blue Archive Guide: 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

Tip 1: Progress Main Story Until Ch.6 Stage 1

By Main Story Progression, we mean clearing the chapters available in the Mission tab, where you can check it via the Campaign Menu on Home screen. Players will see their current chapter and stage when they open the Campaign tab. We recommend to at least farm the main story until Chapter 6 Stage 1.


This is because you can only unlock all the contents of Blue Archive after you clear Chapter 6 Stage 1. A more detailed contents unlock chart can be found below;

  • Commissions Unlocked at Chapter 1-4
  • Café Unlocked at Chapter 2-1
  • Lessons Unlocked at Chapter 2-4
  • Bounty Unlocked at Chapter 3-1
  • Crafting Unlocked at Chapter 3-2
  • Total Assault Unlocked at Chapter 4-1
  • Tactical Challenge Unlocked at Chapter 6-1

Tip 2: Spend Time with Students in Cafe

Café is the first icon on the bottom of your Home screen. This area unlocks after you clear Chapter 2 Stage 2. Players will be introduced to a Café which they can decorate by buying furniture, wall fittings, decorations, etc. All these items attract more Students to join your Café.


Every day, 4 Students will randomly your café with the option of 1 invitation left on you as the player. Players can interact with the cute chibi models by tapping them or schedule appointments on MomoTalk. This will help raise their Affection level as well as give them little stats boost when they level up their relationship rank with you.


You can collect the profits generated from the Café in the form of Credit Points and AP. There is a cap to how much Stamina and Credits you can save so make sure to use these before you reach your cap so your cafe can always be generating Stamina and Credits. Players can also increase the comfort level of their Café to increase their earnings by progressing through the main story!

Tip 3: Don’t Say No to PvP

Never ever skip your PvP battles as the game gives you Pyroxenes for the first time you reach new tiers. The amount of Pyroxenes given is quite large and it definitely increase your chances to get your favorite Student in Gacha. It’s also a good way to test your Student’s power although the AI-controlled battles give little to no input options.


Tip 4: Colours Give You Hints

Though Blue Archive features a battle system with simple operations, the selection of your strategies will largely affect the battle results. In fact, there are a lot of things players may not know, for example the Damage Type of the student is actually color-coded in this way:

Red ColorExplosive Damage

Blue Color Mystic Damage

Yellow Color Penetrative Damage

Similarly, the Armor is also color-coded:

Red Color Heavy Armor

Yellow ColorLight Armor

The Damage and Armor Type of your students will decides how well your students perform in particular situations. For Example,  Mystic Damage deals more damage to unarmoured enemies, Explosion Damage deals more damage to enemies with Light Armor, Penetration Damage deals more damage to enemies with Heavy Armor. All these tactics and strategies make the combat more thrilling, especially when you join PvP.

▼ The color of Shun’s damage is red, meaning that all her skills deal Explosive Damage



Tip 5: Understand the Terrain

In Blue Archive, each stage features a different terrain, while the girls also have favourable and less favourable terrain. They will deal lower damage when you dispatch them to less favourable terrain. The girls’ terrain preferences can be found on their profile. Typically, the students are either excellent, good, medium, bad, or worst towards different terrains.


Terrains are divided into 3 types – Indoor, Outdoors, and Urban. The Students will perform according to the type of terrain:

Excellent = +20% Damage, 60% Shield Block rate

Good = +10% Damage, 45% Block rate

Medium = +30% Block rate

Bad = -10% Damage, 15% Block rate

Worst = -20% Damage, 0% Block rate

The character’s terrain preferences, from left, Urban, Outdoor, Indoor, is showcased below;


Here are all the things you need to begin your school life in Blue Archive! Remember it’s always a slow and steady race and not a sprint! Log in every day and gradually makes your students stronger and stronger!

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