Girls Summoner Bishojo Idle Game Now Available for Download!


Fight monsters with the kawaii bishojo in Girls Summoner, an idle RPG that officially launches today on December 13, 2021! Guided by astrologer Sophia, players will embark on a journey to find the truth about the collapse of the Nova Continent together with the kawaii girls!

Girls Summoner Bishojo Idle Game Now Available for Download!

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Nurture Girls with Different Weapons and Talents

Players can control the four heroines in Girls Summoner who wield different weapons, including the ponytail girl who uses the sword, the Lolita-style girl who uses the scythe, the sporty girl who uses punch, and the hot girl who uses pistols. They all have the corresponding heroic talents to their weapon, which can be used to gain different advantages in battles.

Idle Battle System with Stunning Effects

Girls Summoner has a fully automatic battle system. After selecting the girl to join the battle, the girl will automatically use her acquired talents to fight. The more talents you light up, the more exciting the battle effects will be!


Gain Legendary Gears to Enhance Battle Power

The gears in Girls Summoner can be exchanged in Shop with the gold and crystals acquired in battles. In addition, you can also obtain powerful gears through various welfare treasure chests. Enhance the girl’s battle power by strengthening your gear in the Workshop!


Challenge Treasure Land & Trial for Great Rewards

Players can also challenge the Treasure Land and Trial to obtain precious diamonds and resources. While the full battle screen in the Treasure Land mode gives you a better visual experience. There are also random events available in the Trial mode,where you can get more resources to enhance the girls’ battle power.


By participating the challenge in Trial, you can obtain pets and the resources needed for their growth. From then on, you can choose pets to join the battle and strengthen your girls’ attributes!


Christmas Events

Girls Summoner is also having a special Christmas event to celebrate the festive holiday!

Take the challenges in the continent of Nova, and fight your way to grab the truth of this world!

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