Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage Guide – How to Get Higher Score?


Project Sekai finally got a Western release under the title of Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage, in which you can enjoy the interactions between the Vocaloid singers and game’s original characters with a super vibrant rhythm gameplay. And of course, a rhythm game has its tricks to get a higher score, and this guide will offer you some tips to do that!



■ 1. Is Reroll Necessary
■ 2. What Should You Reroll For?
■ 3.How to Get Higher Score?

Is Reroll Necessary?

The reroll process for Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage is extremely long, but your efforts are definitely worth it! As the higher the rarity of your cards, the better chance to increase your score!

Rerolling avg. time: Can be anywhere from 10 to even 20 minutes, depending on your network conditions, due to the mandatory downloads you’ll perform throughout the tutorial. Here is the fastest reroll steps;

 1.  Download Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage
 2.  Enter your age, agree to the EULA and Privacy terms by pressing “Agree”
 3.  Skip the opening cutscene and movie. On the next cutscene, press Menu and select Skip
 4.  Enter your player name, which can be changed later
 5.  Press Next at tutorial and skip the demonstration show
 6. Select your feelings, which decide which units you lean towards but you can select otherwise if you don’t like the result
 7.  Skip Cutscene
 8.  Select & download Basic Data 
 9.  Skip Story Quests & the rest of the tutorial
10.  Collect login bonuses and rewards
11.  Pull a total of 12 times on the gacha
12.  Delete the App if you didn’t get a 4-star character

Gacha Drop Rate

 Rarity  Drop Rate
 ★4  3%
 ★3  8.5%
 ★2  88.5%

What Should You Reroll For?

If you are want to get higher score in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage, the skill of your card becomes the upmost important. Normally, cards with skill that boost up your score are considered a high tier card. But if you are beginners for rhythm game, cards with skills that change BAD notes to Perfect notes + boost score definitely help. Here are some recommended cards.

The Big Debut – Hatsune Miku


 Element 21121610274930 e1639650477396 Cute 
 Skill Effect  Score +130% for PERFECT taps for 5s

Rainy Distance – Tenma Saki


 Element  21121610202495 e1639650031787 Mysterious
 Skill Effect  Score +130% for PERFECT taps for 5s

Heated Argument – Kagamine Rin



 21121610150799 e1639649712820 Pure

 Skill Effect  BAD or Better taps change to PERFECT taps for 7s and Score +100% for 5s

Secret Guidance – KAITO


 Element 21121610202495 e1639650031787 Mysterious
Skill Effect  BAD or better taps change to PERFECT taps for 7s and Score +100% for 5s

Words Before Dawn – Hoshino Ichika


 Element 21121610274930 e1639650477396Cute 
Skill Effect  Life Recovery +500 and Score +100% for 5s

Because We’re Teammates – Shinonome Akito


 Element 21121610290239 e1639650549692 Cool
 Skill Effect  Score +130% for PERFECT taps for 5s

How to Get Higher Score?

The Higher The Rarity, The Higher The Stats
Unfortunately, when it comes to rhythm games, it is an inevitable issue. In Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage, ★4 cards can reach higher level caps, and thus, feature a higher status spread. Resources is scarce in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage, so it is rather important to save your resources until you get ★4 cards.


 Train Your Card to increase the Stats
Merely having a ★4 doesn’t mean that you can get a higher score. You’ll need to upgrade that card so as to increase its stats! By using the required Training and Evolution Materials, you’ll increase their Talent, which is the most important stat in getting a higher score.

Don’t forget to read the character’s stories (1st half and 2nd half) cuz after you read the story, the Talent of you character will rise!



■ Place Area Items and Boost your Cards!
Each SEKAI has a special shop where you can exchange materials for Area Items. These items will raise the percentage of talent of all of the cards of the related character. So for example, if you place the Ken’s CDs area item, all your Akito cards will have a +2% boost to their Talent. And the more boost you accumulate, the higher your card’s talent can be.

As the items can either boost the Talent of individual characters or a specific unit, and the level of the area item increase, the required materials for upgrade increase. Therefore, you are highly recommended to build team with one specific unit and put in all the resources you have on your selected unit!


Increase Character Rank
Every character has a set of missions you can clear. And once you clear the missions, their Character Rank will be raised, and with it, a Talent Bonus is applied, which, just like the Area items, helps increase your score. The missions include setting the character as the leader, read the character story, exchange the character’ stamp, make a clothes for the character, etc.

As the Talent Bonus is given to the whole team, so it doesn’t really require you to train specific members. But noted that the mission is getting more and more difficult at later stages. So it is still recommended to focus on completing the missions of characters in your deck, so as to save resources.


Pick Your Battles…or your Songs
Every song has a total number of notes, and a duration. Sometimes, it might be better if you can pick a song with less notes or a song with a lesser duration, so you can quickly finish and not have your fingers all sore (not to mention, your poor phone screen…) at the end of the beatmap.

Currently, in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage’s global release, the best song to practice is Ready Steady. It is the shortest song with the highest amount of notes. This does mean it has a hectic beatmap, but many have reported it as a good song to start with.


Perfect Lockers are your best friend
Okay, this term might be new, but…bear with me. Perfect locker refers to a card in which its skill effect will protect you from the dreaded BAD (and sometimes GOOD) notes, which are notorious for destroying your combo. Not only will these cards keep your combo going, but a GREAT is actually better than a BAD, score-wise. So if you’re still a beginner at the song’s beatmap, I thoroughly recommend you use a team with cards that turn BAD notes to Perfect.


Raise your Talent and Unlock the Pro Room!
Colorful Stage has two types of Co-Op rooms: The General Room and the Pro Room. The former is build specifically for beginners, while the latter only unlocks when your team’s total Talent reaches 150K.

This is also the reason why the total Talent of your team is so important. It gives you a ticket to the Pro Room and get more luxurious rewards by playing with other veteran gamer! If you ever thought that it is hard to get Miracle Gems, head to the Pro Room and you will easily get what you want!


Getting S Rank is not that difficult when you play co-op in the Pro Room with the help of other players. But if you want to get S Rank by playing solo, you have to make clever use of the resources and focusing on training your high score team. If it is possible, challenge the song with its highest difficulty as it is easier to get more combos, which help multiply the scores.

▼ The following screenshots are from the Japanese Version



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