Uma Musume Pretty Derby Reveals Main Story Chapter 5 and Many New Year Events


Cygames’ Uma Musume Pretty Derby mobile game revealed the latest information and future updates in its official Paka Live Vol. 12 broadcast programme, including the announcements of a new story chapter, as well as several new year events. 


Main Story Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of the main story, “scenery” will be added to the game on December 22. The main character of Chapter 5 is Silence Suzuka. Alongside this, a PV of Chapter 5, containing a short version of the new song “transforming” is revealed.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Reveals Main Story Chapter 5 and Many New Year Events

Players who manage to clear all of the quests in Chapter 5 will be able to obtain a free copy of [In Search of a View Yet to Be Seen] Silence Suzuka as well! Don’t miss this chance!

Ring in the New Years with Special Events!

In order to celebrate the upcoming holidays, Uma Musume Pretty Derby will be holding multiple campaigns, the first of which being a “Old Year, New Year Campaign Vol. 1″ , which will be held from December 27, with login bonus campaign and a lucky draw of Hot spring Travel Ticket.

Furthermore, a “Special Transfer” will be held from December 27 to December 31 as well. You can transfer any of your units that meet the recruiting requirements of each trainer to the Hall of Fame, and earn support points, money, pieces, and other rewards.


New Uma Musume

A new Pretty Derby gacha will be added on December 22. In the pick-up gacha, players will be able to pull for the new [Fast and Furious] Tamamo Cross, as well as two new SSRs support cards: [I Won’t Wipe Out a Wish] Nice Nature and [I Shall Make You Love Me] Oguri Cap. A special promotional video is also revealed to introduce Tamamo.


New Year’s Event: Karuta Battle Tournament

The story event “New Year’s Karuta Battle” will be held from December 31.  The story depicts the Uma Musume struggling and deepening their bond to participate in the annual Uma Musume Karuta Tournament, a once-a-year tournament that happens every time in the new year. More details on which Uma Musume will be featured will be disclosed at a later date.


Anime Rebroadcast Confirmed!

A special broadcast of the two seasons of the Uma Musume anime will be cast over at Abema TV. Each of the episodes will be broadcast in five hour and thirty minute long sessions, with one on Saturday and two on Sunday. Here’s the full list of times that were confirmed:21122102484950

To celebrate the anime rerun, the first season’s ending theme song “Grow Up Shine!” will be added to the game. An in-game live performance footage has been revealed on the official Youtube channel.

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