League of Pantheons – Bring Back the Mighty Power of Ancient Gods


With high focus on its idle gameplay as opposed to storytelling, League of Pantheons drags you to a fantasy world taking reference from Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian and other mythologies. As the Summoner, players will bring back the power of the ancient immortals and develop strategises to fight against different strong enemies. While it is not a perfect game, most of its functionality aims to empower your side game experience.

Get Right into Combats As Early As You Start the Game

League of Pantheons wastes no time in throwing you straight into the action. While some games like to spend the first thirty minutes of their game throwing reams of exposition at the player or explaining the various plot points of their convoluted story, League of Pantheons (upon first booting up the game) explains the basic tutorials of combat and its system before gifting you a free tutorial summon and sending you on your way.

Though there are various similar games to League of Pantheons with great stories, for a side game that you may or may not log into on a daily basis, or one that you may skip out on certain events, it is nice that League of Pantheons does not waste your time in getting down to business. The entire tutorial can be completed in about five minutes and, with little no story to speak of, you are given free rein to level up however you choose!

Causal Idle Features for Busy Players

League of Pantheons knows its target demographic and that is why the game is played in portrait mode. Games with expansive stories that need time dedicated towards them to be enjoyed are best played in landscape mode. However, for a good idle game (to be essentially picked up and played during a short commute or lunch break), it is much easier to do so without having to rotate your entire phone. The game has a skip function known as “Blitz” which allows you to bypass the combat animations in favor of collecting mission rewards as efficiently as possible. 

The animations, while arguably lackluster when compared to other anime-style games on the market at present, are quick and do not outstay their welcome. While the animations of current hit games are great the first time you watch them, during extensive farming periods, it is a little annoying to have to sit through them every time when the five seconds they take to elapse could be spent on even more grinding!

If you don’t want to spend too much time grinding weapons or resources, this game allows you to gain exp and gold even while not playing and collect rewards whenever you decide to log back in. 

Collect Ancient Gods & Mythical Creatures

The gacha system in League of Pantheons is very unique (for better or worse). While the overall rate to obtain a five-star unit is fairly generous (being 5% when summoning on the Grand Summon banner), different units have different drop rates. This means that, depending on your desired unit, it will be either much easier or much more difficult to obtain that character. While this is rare to see in gacha games, it is certainly a unique idea we have not seen done before. Pity for this gacha is locked behind a VIP paywall which, while not ideal, is still better than having no pity system at all.

There are so many characters to play with and collect in League of Pantheons despite the game having only just been released. Each of these characters has unique abilities which really incentivize you to summon as much as possible. 

League of Pantheons does have PVP which, like any other gacha, will likely be dominated by whales and dolphins. However, the game never pressures you into performing well in PVP as it understands that a considerable margin of the player base does not devote a lot of time to it. 

Gearing is also very efficient in League of Pantheons with an auto-equip button relieving any of the stress for impatient players to quickly get their favorite units geared up and ready for battle.

Pick It Up Whenever You Have the Time

League of Pantheons is a great side game that you can pick up and play anywhere at any time. With a focus on streamlining auto and idle gameplay as opposed to a lengthy story, League of Pantheons is a game that respects its player base enough to not waste any unnecessary time. Definitely be sure to check it out if you are in the market for a new casual side game to play!

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