Sengoku Champions and Zombies in WHRP's Sengoku of the Dead

Mr. Qoo

From WHRP, the creators of idle tap games including Our Dark Lord – Sasuyu 2, Truly is Brave Like You, and many more, comes Sengoku of the Dead.

Yet-another tap idle game, Sengoku of the Dead can’t be said to be anything special, but the something about the tap idle genre makes it irresistible.

Like the company’s previous games, the game isn’t anything hardcore. Extremely casual, pick it up, leave it, forget about it, and get back into it and you’ll still be able jump right back into it.

Though the story isn’t anything noteworthy, for those with a little bit of patience, the witty dialogue and down-to-earth tone of the characters are quite enjoyable. Featuring known Sengoku figures, the game introduces a very Eastern influence to the tap idle genre.

In terms of gameplay, there really isn’t anything different from other tap idle games. Essentially the core of the game is exactly the same, collect gold to upgrade characters, learn new skills, reincarnate, so on and so forth. If you’re a fan of tap idle games, then sure, the game is something that could help you kill a lot of time.

But for those who aren’t a big fan of the genre, there other tap idle games out there that will give you a better experience to the genre. The biggest problem with Sengoku of the Dead is that character progression doesn’t have any significant difference. The active skill effects, if I’m being brutally honest, is extremely cheap looking.

That being said, the game is free and extremely friendly to your device’s storage. Stripping away any fancy effects that other games may have, Sengoku of the Dead has everything you “need” but not exactly all the things you want in a game.

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