Digimon ReArise Will End Service on April 21


Bandai Namco announced that the global and Japanese server of Digimon ReArise mobile RPG will end service on April 21, 2022. The game was released in June 2018 in Japan and lasted for 3 years and 10 months.

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About Digimon ReArise

One day, an unknown Digimon appear on your smartphone. Suddenly, a mysterious power called “Spiral” shows up that you have to battle against it.

It is an RPG where you can enjoy the story via building friendships together with Digimons you are familiar with and newly drawn characters! It offers at most 5 vs. 5 real-time battles.

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Clear the quests to search for necessary items required to train or evolve the Digimon by power-up. You can now seize the last chance to embark on a new journey with the Digimon.

The game has a score of 4.1 at QooApp Game Store

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