Uma Musume Pretty Derby Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Animation PV & A Plethora of Campaigns


Cygames revealed the latest information of their Uma Musume Pretty Derby mobile game at the “Paka Live TV Vol.14 1st Anniversary Special”. In the broadcast, they thank all players for the 1 year of service and comment on the various campaigns that will be ongoing starting February 24.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby 1st Anniversary Special Animation

A special trailer with a new theme song, “Ambitious World,” sung by Kitasan Black (CV: Hinaki Yano) and Satono Diamond (CV: Hina Tachibana) has been released. The song will be available on music distribution services such as Spotify and Apple Music from February 24 at 0:00 [JPT].

New Uma Musume!

Five new Uma Musume will be added to the cast soon! Unfortunately, all we know is their designs: Some even lack names, and there’s no mention their voice cast.

The design for the winning costume of Satono Diamond is also revealed.

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1st Anniversary Special Story

The “1st Anniversary Story” event will be added on February 24 at 12:00 . Selected Uma Musume will be wearing the “New Stars Rose” special costume, so look out for it!

In addition, as the story progresses, a special song commemorating the 1st Anniversary, “We are DREAMERS!” will be released. A short version of the live video is now available on YouTube.

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1st Anniversary Login Bonuses & Missions

The “1st Anniversary Commemorative Login Bonus Vol. 1” is scheduled to begin at 12:00 on February 24. You can get up to 3000 Jewels and SSR support cards just by logging in during this period!

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Furthermore, the “1st Anniversary Commemorative Missions Vol. 2” event is scheduled to begin at 12:00 on February 24th as well. If you complete the mission, you will receive the SSR support card “[SPECIAL DREAMERS!] Satono Diamond” card (pictured below), Manny, Support Points, Jewels and Rainbow Crystal Pieces.

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1st Anniversary Gacha Pulls Giveaway!

It’s not an anniversary without free gacha pulls! The “Free 10 Gacha per Day Campaign” is scheduled to start at 12:00 [JPT] on February 24. During this period, you can get a free 10-round gacha once a day, every day.

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New Cards Added to the Gacha!

New Uma Musume unit and support cards will be added to the Pretty Derby starting February 24th. Here’s a list of cards that will be added:

■ 3★ Kitasan Black

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3★ Matikane Tannhäuser

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[SSR Support Card] [Peachy Back Shot] Narita Top Road

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[SR Support Card] [Workout Cooling Down] Mejiro Ryan

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[SR Support Card] [Aiming For the Top] Admire Vega

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[SR Support Card] [Listen Up to My Exemplary Speech!] Sakura Bakushin O

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Story Event: Habataki Run-Up!

The next story event, ” Habataki Run-up!” is scheduled to begin at 12:00 [JPT] on February 24. This time, the stage is the “Team Triathlon” held at the Tresen Academy! The story follows Kitasan Black, Mejiro Bright, and Narita Top Road as they overcome various problems.

With this story event, various new features will be implemented, including a new “group” type support card, a “hint Lv enhancement” feature, and the addition of “VERY HARD” to daily races.

Period: February 24, 2022, 12:00 – March 7, 2022, 11:59

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