Digimon Survive Gets New Teaser Trailer; Release Date Still TBD


During yesterday’s Digimon Con livestream, a Q&A session with the Chief Producer, Habu Kazumasa, confirmed that the development of Digimon Survive has been going smoothly. In addition to this, a new trailer was shown, sharing some of its gameplay.

Unfortunately, the trailer was only revealed in the livestream, and as the livestream was not archived, nor was a press release disclosed to the media, the information of Digimon Survive remains obscure.

*Teaser Trailer Updated on March 16

But there are still certain information that we could share with Digimon fans, such as the target audience, how many hours of content there will be, and a brief explanation on why is development taking so long.

Digimon Survive Gets New Information; Release Date Still TBD

About Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive is a strategy RPG with adventure/visual novel-esque aspects. It tells the story of a group of kids who end up in another world, having to survive along with their newly-met Digimon partners.

It was first teased on BANDAI NAMCO’s official channel with a teaser trailer. Several coverages from magazines such as Famitsu and CoroCoro followed, but information suddenly came to a halt on 2020.

In the Q&A, the chief producer confirmed that the main reason was due to great changes in the development team and its direction, and as such, a release date has yet to be announced.


New Information Announced in Q&A

The following information was confirmed: The amount of content inside the game is able to provide from 80 to even 100 hours worth of gameplay. Out of the over 600 Digimon, only 113 will appear as playable characters in game. Roughly 70% of the game will be composed with text adventure sequences, and the other 30% will be dedicated to combat.

Furthermore, this title will be directed towards a more mature audience, and Multiplayer and Tag Battles will not be in this title: Only a single-player mode. Lastly, in a question about European Language support, the producer confirmed that French, Italian, German and Spanish localizations will be available.

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