NU: Carnival White Day Passion Café Now Opens! Popular Dream Card Pool Out Now!


EROLABS’ NU: Carnival BL mobile game is celebrating its 1 million downloads over the globe within the first week upon its launch with a limited-time White Day event, “White Storm”.

The event will available from today until Mar 31, 2022. New SSR versions of allies Yakumo and Edmond decked out in fresh, new outfits, will be working hard selling chocolates at the Passion Café’s opening ceremony!

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NU: Carnival White Day Event PV

“Passion Café” Opens Today!

On top of the release of an exclusive event storyline, during the event, these two even-limited, new SSR allies will be available with boosted contract odds. If these two have taken your fancy, don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on SSR “Cocoa Liqueur Yakumo” and SSR “White Lover Edmond”. They await you in the event-limited Passion Cafe!

[Cocoa Liqueur] Yakumo

“Now I can spend White Day together with Mr Eiden!”

As he and Eiden share a box of chocolate liqueurs, an unknown side of Yakumo begins to emerge…

NU: Carnival White Day Passion Café Now Opens! Popular Dream Card Pool Out Now!

■ [White Lover] Edmond

“Everything tastes sweeter after a bout of hard work.”

A dessert-lover and proud knight, Edmond might just find chocolate tastes that much sweeter when enjoyed with a certain someone…

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During the event, by meeting certain conditions players will be able to get their hands on the rare ascension item “Crystal Core” as well as event-exclusive Intimacy gifts. Don’t miss out on this chance to send your battle power soaring!

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1 Million Downloads Reached! Log In for Awesome Rewards!

EROLABS officially released NU: Carnival on February 24, 2022. Within the first week upon its launch, NU: Carnival has already been downloaded by over 1 million players across the globe, and the numbers are still increasing!

To celebrate this monumental milestone, Essence Contract x10 giveaways have been released on various social media platforms by the team. Players are most welcome to click on the related links to obtain rewards.

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