Mythwars: Idle Heroes Opens CBT on March 16


Mythwars: Idle Heroes has begun a closed beta test on March 16, with players accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Mythwars: Idle Heroes is an idle RPG with engaging gameplays like relics system, auto-farming, match-3 battles, and roguelike dungeons.

<<Official Press Release>>

The closed beta will run from March 16, 02:00 to April 15, 02:00 [UTC -4]. 1000 Android players will be able to join as long as they make an account when the servers open. Data will be deleted after the test period concludes. Players participated in any of the previous closed beta tests will be automatically qualified to participate in this new one.

Mythwars: Idle Heroes PV

A Unique Idle RPG with Adrenaline-Pumping Gameplay

Peace has been shattered by the book of “Genesis”. All creatures in the world are raring to scramble it, coveting its almighty magic power. Now, start your journey in Rizelia, assembling and arming your hero’s alliance to fight against the forces of darkness. It’s your sacred mission to re-establish the peace of the world.  

Mythwars: Idle Heroes Opens CBT on March 16

Assemble Legendary Heroes

Over 50+ epic heroes await! Summon the heroes and level them up, making these powerful heroes be your strongest army. Arm your heroes with unique relics for the battle arena.

Mythwars Idle Heroes Opens CBT on March 16 pic3

Unique Relics System For Heroes

Relics in this game are well-designed to fit different factions of heroes. Customize your heroes’ relics to maximize their magic power and battle till the end!

Engaging Match-3 Gameplay 

By matching three jewels or more, you will improve your chances of victory. Special combinations will give you more magic points and allow your heroes to use their ultimate abilities that can drastically change the battle outcome.

A Real Idle Gameplay Experience

Lavish rewards that can gain while you are away to fulfil your needs. The battles doesn’t stop when the battle page is switched off. You can enjoy ultimate non-stop perks in the game. 

Various Dungeons to be Explored

Unique maze-like dungeons are waiting to be explored. Only a man with great bravery and wisdom can pass. Will you be the one to pass the challenging dungeons and receive the luxury rewards?

Epic PvP Duel

Challenge mobile players from all over the world to compete up the top in the battle arena. Arm your heroes with powerful magic relics and climb up to the top of the mysterious tower.