Martial Sword MMORPG Opens for Pre-registration


Martial Sword mobile MMOPRG is about to be released in Thailand! The game is now is ready to be pre-registered on QooApp! Pre-register now to win SR Pet, iPhone 13 pro Max and other abundant rewards!

<<Official Press Release>>

The game has also invited Prang, who stars the hot TV Thai series, Love Destiny, to join the game. In the game, Prang, as a tender chivalrous woman, will take us back to thousand years ago and tell this beautiful story.

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Immortals in the World of Martial Arts

Martial Sword is a big world exploration MMORPG with second generation engine development. With various classes and vivid battle modes, thegame has created a grand big immortal world. Players can fully experience hot-blood world of martial arts and create their own stories.

Martial Sword MMORPG Opens for Pre registration 3

Luxury Gift Pack for All

The game officially starts pre-registration on QooApp. Pre-register now to get our prepared gift; Silver Ingots x 555555, Exclusive Title – Heart to Heart, and 5-star SR Wind Pet – Dabao. Like the official Facebook page to claim Junior Enhancement Stone x 3, Silver Ingots x 55555. All the above rewards will be sent in gift codes.

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Martial Sword Pre-registration Rewards

Except the above prizes, the game has also prepared the quite many release gifts for you once hit the amount of  pre-registering below.

Level 1: Junior Enhancement Stone x 10; Gold Ticket x 10;Beast Soul Stone x 10

Level 2: Golden Chest x 2; Golden Key x 2; Silver Ingots x 200,000

Level 3: Gold-Spirit Deed x 2; Spirit-forming Pill x 10; 9-turn Pills x 10

Level 4: Meteorite Iron x 4; Dragon Gem x 5; Dragonscale Fragment x 8

Level 5: Senior Gem Chest x 1; Rose x 10; 4-star SR Dark Bull General x 1

Martial Sword MMORPG Opens for Pre registration 5
Martial Sword MMORPG Opens for Pre registration 6

It is still a few steps away from obtaining the final reward. Hurry up and invite your friends to participate together!

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