Yume 100’s successor Akaseka is now available for download

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GCREST’s much delayed mobile otome game Akasasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau(茜さすセカイでキミと詠う)is finally available for download. The game is said to be the successor of GCREST’s another mobile otome title Yume 100.

Akasasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau or Akaseka is a Japanese style otome game developed by otome game studio GG Studio and published by GCREST. Players take the role of a girl who stumbles across a parallel world that has no sun. In this world where darkness dominates, aragami attack the protagonist and this prompts her to become a shrine maiden. With the help and the power of 60 handsome historical figures, the girl decides to begin a journey to awakening the sun.

A review of Akaseka’s closed beta can be found here.

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